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If people don’t like you,

If people don’t like you, they won’t follow you. There is something about that truth that bugs most leaders. We think: “wait a minute – I’m called by God on a mission for God, why does it matter if people like me?” Because it does and always will. It’s not about a popularity contest or a beauty pageant. It’s all about whether or not the people truly believe that you love and care about them. It’s not really even about your personality. Some leaders are more “warm and fuzzy” others are more “button-down and business.” That doesn’t matter. What people really want to know is if you care. Your ability to connect, appreciate and enjoy people is huge. How do you evaluate yourself here? Do people like you? Do they migrate toward you? Are you able to “juggle” many relationships with different kinds of people? Do you make new friends easily?

Dan Reiland (Pastors Coach email)

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