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One major way we siphon

One major way we siphon off courage is by avoiding the conflicts we dread.
Linus and Charlie Brown know about this. As they discuss how to deal with their difficulties. Linus tells Charlie Brown that he has a definite philosophy: “no problem is too big or complicated that it can’t be run away from”
We may smile at that, but our emotions kick in and we often feel just the way Linus does.
The key, whether it’s facing a life threatening event or a speaking engagement, is to confront what we feel. Colin Powell’s leadership rule no 12 is “Don’t take counsel of your fears…” Eleanor Roosevelt advised, “Look fear in the face… you gain strength, courage, and confidence… you must do the thing you think you cannot do”.

Harold Myra & Marshall Shelley

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From the book "The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham"

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