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Mark Stibbe "A friend of

Mark Stibbe "A friend of mine in the United States had adopted his son. He and his wife had gone to a law court where a judge sat before them. He had read them the requirements of adoption in the strongest possible terms. My friends recalled how nervous they had felt as the judge spoke in a grave and sombre tone. Then he asked them, ‘Do you want me to sign this adoption paper, so you can adopt your son?’ The couple looked at each other and then said yes. At that moment the judge walked towards them and placed teh paper on the table where my friends were sitting. Before he signed the certificate he looked at the, and with tears in his eyes, said these words: ‘This is the best decision you could possible make. And I know that, because I ama dad who has adopted a child. Even though there have been difficult times, I don’t regret that decision for a moment." You see what happened there? The judge came down and revealed himself as a dad. That’s what many Christians need today. They need to know God as "Daddy" not just as "Judge". They need to come out of the law court and into the living room.

Mark Stibbe

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From the book "The Father You've Been Waiting For: Portrait of a Perfect Dad"

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