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We declare three things as

We declare three things as the foundation for the universal offer of the love of God and the salvation of Christ to everyone in the world:
(1) Christ really is the all-powerful, all-wise, all-satisfying divine Son of God offered in the gospel;
(2) by his death and resurrection, he has acted out God’s discriminating, definite electing, regenerating, faith-creating, every-promise-guaranteeing new-covenant love, and thus has purchased and secured irreversibly for his elect everything needed to bring them from deadness in sin to everlasting, glorified life and joy in the presence of God;
and (3) everyone, without any exception, who receives Christ as supreme treasure—who believes in his name—will be united to Christ in the embrace of this electing love, and enjoy him and all his gifts forever.

John Piper

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From the book "Does God Desire All to Be Saved?"

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