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Paul was convinced that the

Paul was convinced that the best way to win a city or nation to belief in Jesus Christ was to find one or two key issues where the culture was furthest away from the Gospel and to use those issues as crucial battlefields upon which the Holy Spirit could expose the foolishness of human “wisdom” and the wisdom of God’s “foolishness”. In the synagogues he spoke more instead of less about a crucified Messiah. in Athen he spoke more instead of less about the emptiness of idolatry. In Corinth he took on the sexual ethics of Aphrodite, convinced that wherever the Devil’s lies are loudest, the Gospel truth sounds louder still.

Phil Moore

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From the book "Straight to the Heart of 1 & 2 Corinthians: 60 Bite-sized Insights (The Straight to the Heart Series)"

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