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Prime the pump

There is a famous story about a man who got lost in the desert and was dying of thirst. He stumbled across an old shack with a rusty water pump next to it, a little of bottle of water with a note. “The pump is good but will need priming,” the not informed him. “If you pour a small amount of water into the pump, you will displace all the air and be able to pump all the water you need.”

The man had a choice. He could survive a few more hours by drinking the small amount of water in the bottle or he could throw it all away in the belief that it would unlock great unseen reservoirs of water. He took a leap of faith. He poured the water into the pump and began to move the handle. At first his efforts yielded nothing and he began to fear that he made the sacrifice for nothing, but then suddenly fresh water began to flow freely. He drank and showered, then filled all teh containers in teh shack. They would enable him to find his way our of the desert and back home.

Phil Moore

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