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Allowing darkness

When we have allowed darkness into our lives in any one of the first three areas—unconfessed sin, unresolved conflicts with other people, or with our own masks and pretenses—we can then easily become cut off from our sense of intimacy with God. That lack of intimacy in our most important relationship often leads to problems in other relationships; we may become dissatisfied with our spouse and our minds start to wander, looking for love in all the wrong places. Men may become involved in pornography, struggle with the lust of the eyes, or even fall into an affair. Women may begin to compare their husband to other husbands or even ministers whom they know: “Oh, I wish my husband knew the things that Jack knows.” “I wish my husband would minister to me the way that Jack ministers to his wife.” If you do not think that your spouse is the greatest spouse on the face of the earth, then your marriage may be in trouble. Your spouse probably senses the dissatisfaction, and the lack of unconditional love can drive a wounded spouse even further away into deeper darkness.

Jack Frost

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