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Two types of people

Givers and takers.
Lovers and fighters.
Type As and Type Bs.
Free spirits and list makers.

Some of these traits seem to be inborn; others are more the result of choices we make in life. But depending on which side that we either find ourselves or place ourselves, the result is a whole different set of outlooks and actions from those who operate out of the other camp. Two kinds of people. Optimists and pessimists. Early risers and night owls. Yankee fans and Red Sox fans. Grateful people and ungrateful people. Those who whine and those who worship. You can hardly be both. Maybe in spots, maybe in seasons. But throughout the balance of your life, one or the other will dominate the way you view and respond to most everything. You will choose to either be thankful or unthankful, to recognize a blessing or to overlook it, to acknowledge a kindness or to mindlessly ignore it. You decide.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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