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Continual forgiveness


Nicky GumbelThe blood of Jesus continually cleanses you in the same way that the combination of your liver and your physical blood continually cleanses your physical body.

The only requirement is that you admit that you have sinned and confess your sins.

Keep short accounts with God. When you sin, quickly confess, repent and receive God’s cleansing. Get up and keep going.

Nicky Gumbel - UK Vicar, Alpha Course (1955- )

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When a handyman lays a


When a handyman lays a floor, he knows the first row of tiles is the most important. If those are off just slightly, the floor will look worse and worse as he continues to build it. Eventually it has to be completely redone. By ignoring God’s call to realign the first row of tiles, we end u having to have our entire life pulled up and relaid. Sensible Christians know this and keep a short account with God,. They constantly repent for their sin and open themselves up to his Subtle touch. Hundreds of small adjustments are better than six really big changes. Being taken behind the woodshed by God is never fun.

Graham Cooke

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From the book "Approaching the Heart of Prophecy (Prophetic Equipping Series)"

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