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Threaten others with a loud


Threaten others with a loud and boisterous faith, and you will be politely (at first) asked to quiet down; dance your faith instead of sitting still in a pew, and you will be asked to leave; talk about your faith with passion and you will get expressions of concern about the inappropriateness of your emotions.

Mike Yaconelli

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Scripture makes it clear that


Scripture makes it clear that the enemy, Satan – Gideon’s enemy, Elijah’s enemy and ours too – is a masterful architect and builder of caves and winepresses. He is eager to build mental and emotional caves where we can live out our days , unhappily ever after.

Jeff Lucas

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We notice also that Paul


We notice also that Paul finds a basic unity, even identity between the love of God as it is shown in the objective, factual event of Christ’s death on the cross and as it is experienced “in the heart” by teh believer (v5b). An emotional feeling of God’s love in itself, is little comfort to th eperson who is lost, condemned, doomed for hell. But a cold, sober historical interpretation that indeed “God love the world” on the cross is of little benefit to a person until that love is experienced, is received, by faith in Christ. It is when these are properly experienced as two aspects of one great love, ultimately indivisible, that our assurance that “hope will not put us to shame” v5a will be strong and unshakable.

Douglas Moo

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