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Freedom from debt


There is a clear biblical procedure for getting out of debt, for staying out of debt, and for becoming financially independent. The biblical definition for financial indepen-dence is being in the place where you never have to make a decision based on financial considerations, but simply on the revealed will of God. This is the condition in which every Christian should live. This should be our first and most important financial goal. Regardless of how bad our present financial condition is, there is a very simple biblical formula that will provide a sure way of escape: REPENTANCE + OBEDIENCE = FREEDOM We must start by recognizing any ways in which we have departed from the clear mandates of Scripture and then begin to obey the clear and simple biblical instructions for financial management. If we do, we will escape our present situation and begin to live a life of freedom that is better than we have ever dreamed.

Rick Joyner

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Warren WiersbeFreedom does not mean I am able to do whatever I want to do. That’s the worst kind of bondage. Freedom means I have been set free to become all that God wants me to be, to achieve all that God wants me to achieve, to enjoy all that God wants me to enjoy.

Warren Wiersbe

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Salvation equals freedom


‘Freedom’ is probably the best contemporary word to define what the Bible means by ‘salvation’. The whole Bible could be summed up as the ‘history of salvation’. It is the story of God’s desire and purpose to free his people.

Nicky Gumbel - UK Vicar, Alpha Course (1955- )

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