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Standing in the glory of God


As American prophetic teacher Ruth Heflin liked to say “Praise Him until the spirit of worship comes. Worship Him until the Glory comes, then stand in the Glory of God.”

Charlie Cleverly

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Glory of God


The holiness of God is, I think, his being in a class by himself in his perfection and greatness and worth, his perfection and his greatness and his worth are of such a distinct and separated—we have been taught that holy means separate—distinct and separated that he is in a class by himself, infinite perfections, infinite greatness and infinite worth. His holiness is what he is as God that nobody else is. It is his quality of perfection that can’t be improved upon, that can’t be imitated, that is incomparable, that determines all that he is and is determined by nothing from outside him. It signifies his infinite worth, his intrinsic, infinite worth, his intrinsic, infinite value.

Now when Isaiah 6:3 says that angels are crying: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, the next thing they say is this: The whole earth is full of his…and you might have expected him to say holiness. And he doesn’t say holiness. He says glory.

Intrinsically holy, intrinsically holy, intrinsically holy and the whole earth is full of his glory from which I stab at a definition by saying the glory of God is the manifest beauty of his holiness. It is the going public of his holiness. It is the way he puts his holiness on display for people to apprehend. So the glory of God is the holiness of God made manifest.

John Piper

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