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Martin McVeigh was an unknown


Martin McVeigh was an unknown Roman Catholic priest in Northern Ireland until he ran a first communion class at his local primary school in March 2012. When he inserted his USB stick into the laptop in order to start his presentation, he didn’t realise that Windows AutoPlay was enabled on the computer. The horrified children were presented, not with a lecture on communion, but with a slideshow of gay pornography. Father McVeigh protested his innocence but his bishop immediately relieved him of dutied

Phil Moore

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From the book "Gagging Jesus: Things Jesus Said We Wish He Hadn't"

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Listen, the mood of American


Listen, the mood of American life today is, if it feels good, do it, and to hell with your guilt-producing, puritanical principles of chastity and faithfulness. But I say to you, if the stars are shining in their beauty and your blood is thudding like a hammer and you are safe in the privacy of your place, stop . . . for the sake of righteousness. Let the morning dawn on your purity. Don’t be like the world. Be like Boaz. Be like Ruth. Profoundly in love. Subtle and perceptive in communication. Powerful in self-control. Committed to righteousness.

John Piper

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Website: http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByScripture/45/447_Ruth_Strategic_Righteousness/