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Inherited religion vs evangelical faith


Some religions can be largely inherited. They are religions you adhere to because of your family background or nationality.
“Of course I’m Lutheran. Im Norwegian.”
“I’m Italian, so I’m Catholic.”
“I’m Hindu because I’m Indian.”
In modernity, however, the emphasis is on individual choice and decision. Young people do not want to follow a path that they have not chosen for themselves. This is why traditional inherited religion-Catholic and mainline Protestantism – is in sharp decline. But evangelical faith is far better suited to such a cultural situation because it insists on a personal decision of faith and a conversion experience for everyone.

Tim Keller - American Pastor

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Finally God the judge implements


Finally God the judge implements the results of his own sentence. This is not simply a question of heaven and hell, although it is that, but also of rewards (and punishments) that corrsepond with the way we have lived: a crown, treasures in heaven, rest, inheritance, rewards, promises, a rich welcome, responsibility in the age to come and so on.

For those of us who have lived in the light of eternity, Judgment Day will be a day of celebration, not terror. The plaintiff on the verge of being awarded massive damages does not dread Judgment Day they can’t sleep for excitement, wondering what might be in store.

Andrew Wilson

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