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Scarcity mindset danger


Leaders who allow a scarcity mindset to work its way into their culture pay a high price. When resources (money, opportunities, recognition) are perceived to be limited, paranoia, fear and politics thrive. In this environment, people become nervous and afraid to make a mistake. As a result, teamwork and innovation suffer.

John Maxwell

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Website: https://www.christianitytoday.com/pastors/2019/fall/here-come-skinny-cows.html

Freed from poverty


One evidence that we have been truly freed from the yoke of the spirit of poverty is financial independence. Financial indepen-dence does not necessarily mean that we are rich or can buy anything we want. It does mean that we are free of every financial yoke so that we only make decisions based on what the will of the Lord is and not on how much money we have or do not have. It may be the will of God for us to have a lot or to have a little. Like the Apostle Paul, we must be content if we are either abased or abounding, as long as it is the will of God for us. That is the key phrase: if it is the will of God for us. We do not want to be either abased or abounding if it is not His will. The key for liberation from any evil stronghold in our lives is to know God’s will.

Rick Joyner

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