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Questions different ages ask


Questions different life phases ask

What am i becoming? Am I different from my mum and dad? What will I do with my life?
No longer get away with quirky, irresponsible or unsocial behaviour – what do I need to change?

Longer range responsibilities. How do I prioritise the demand on my life? Spouses to know more intimately, children who need attention, jobs and careers that absorb attention.
Can I fulfil my purpose?
Different friendships (people moved away etc) – male loneliness. What does spiritual ife look like? Do I have time for one? Why am I not a better person?

Grown up now! Who was as a I child, and how it affecting me now? Why are some doing better than me?
Bodies change, children more independent, marriages need to adjust to new realities. How can I make a greater contribution to my generation

Past mid point. How many years left? Why is time moving so fast? Why is my body so unreliable? Who are these young people trying to replace me? What do I do about my doubts and fears? Will we have enough money in retirement?

When do I stop doing the things that have always defined me? Why do I feel ignored by younger generation? Do i have enough time to do all the things I have dreamed about?

Seventies and eighties
Does anyone realise or even care who I once was? How much of I my life can I still control? Is there anything I can contribute? What’s heaven like?

Gordon McDonald

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On the way there, Henry


On the way there, Henry wanted to eat in that great American cultural export, McDonald’s. So, having heard from Driscoll this week, and the other Sunday from Tope Koleoso, about being missional, I decided to put it into practice. Having placed my order, noticing there was no queue behind me, I had the following conversation:

Me: “So, busy today?”
Server: “No, not really.”
Me: “Who was the weirdest person you had in today?”
Server: “No one really.”
Me: “Okay then, who was the weirdest person that came in this week?”
Server: “You!”
Me: “What? Cuz I actually talked to you?”
Server: “Yep …”

Adrain Warnock

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