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Jesus was a sinless man


Jesus is not Zeus. He was a sinless man not a sinless superman. He woke up with bed-head. He had pimples at thirteen. He never would have appeared on the cover of Men’s Health (he had “no beauty that we should desire him” Isa 53:2). He came as a normal man to normal men. He knows what it is to be thirsty, hungry, despised, rejected, scorned, shamed, embarasses, abandoned, misunderstood, falsely accused, suffocated, tortured and killed. His friends abandoned when he need them most; had he lived today, every last Twitter follower and Facebook friend who have un-friended him when he turned thirty-three – he who will never un-friend us.

Dane Ortlund - American Pastor

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From the book "Gentle and Lowly"

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So many are in prison because they won’t accept themselves. So many are so gifted and talented, but they won’t express themselves because they fear rejection. They fear man. They fear what people will think. I want to love My people, but they hold Me at arms length and won’t let Me really love them because they have been hurt by others. They fear I will reject them because of their weaknesses—like people have—but I will never reject them. Tell them I love them. Ask them to stop trying so hard to be acceptable to Me and to realize I accept them where they are. Tell them I don’t want perfect performance from them. I want them to love Me and to let Me love them.

Joyce Meyer

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