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Patient faith can be humiliating


When Abraham was aged ninety-nine and his wife eighty-nine, the Lord appeared to him and promise that his wife would bear him a son within a year, But there was a catch this time. He needed to change his name from Abram, meaning Exalted Father to Abraham, which means The Father of Many. You can just imagine the reaction of his friends when they receive a card from Abraham assuming it was an invitation to his hundredth birthday party. Instead they find an announcement from the childless nonagenarian that from now on he wanted them to address him as the Father of Many. It was humiliating, but then patient faith often is. It is costly but it never goes unrewarded.

Phil Moore

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From the book "Straight To The Heart Of Hebrews And James"

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Finally God the judge implements


Finally God the judge implements the results of his own sentence. This is not simply a question of heaven and hell, although it is that, but also of rewards (and punishments) that corrsepond with the way we have lived: a crown, treasures in heaven, rest, inheritance, rewards, promises, a rich welcome, responsibility in the age to come and so on.

For those of us who have lived in the light of eternity, Judgment Day will be a day of celebration, not terror. The plaintiff on the verge of being awarded massive damages does not dread Judgment Day they can’t sleep for excitement, wondering what might be in store.

Andrew Wilson

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