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Lord make my life a miracle!


Your danger and mine is not that We become criminals, but rather that we become respectable, decent, commonplace, mediocre Christians. The twentieth-century temptations that really sap our spiritual power are the
television, banana cream pie, the easy chair, and the credit card. The Christian wins or loses in those seemingly innocent little moments of decision. Lord, make my life a miracle!

Raymond C Ortlund

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From the book "Lord make my life a miracle"

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Battles of life


There have been very few periods when I have not been facing some kind of battle.

The nature of these battles has varied enormously. There have been internal battles – times of intense temptation, doubt, fear and anxiety. There have been times of deep sadness, great loss and bereavement. There have been battles over health, sleep, finances, work and relationships. There have been periods of great opposition and criticism.

Nicky Gumbel - UK Vicar, Alpha Course (1955- )

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Great faith


Great faith is a product of great fights. Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests. Great triumphs can only come out of great trials

Smith Wigglesworth

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