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Talk is important. But our

Talk is important. But our actions carry far more weight. Here’s an example of how that works: Major Osipovich, an air force pilot for the former Soviet Union, planned to give a talk about peace at his children’s school. since he needed time off during the day to give the talk, he volunteered for night duty. And that’s how Major Osipovich found himself patrolling the skies over the eastern regions of the Soviet Union on September 1, 1993–the night Korean Air Lines Flight KE007 strayed into Soviet air space. The Soviet pilot was caught in a series of blunders and misinformation. In the end, Major Osipovich followed orders and shot down the unidentified aircraft. The actions of an air force major preparing to talk about peace plunged 240 passengers to their deaths and sparked an international incident that pushed world powers to a stand-off.

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