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Sarah Connor is a deeply

Sarah Connor is a deeply troubled woman. So would you be if you had experienced what she did in the first of the Terminator movies. Linda Hamilton’s character knows that “Judgement Day” is coming, when machines from the future will trigger nuclear war in an attempt to wipe out the human race and she simply cannot cope with the weight of it. We find her at the start of Terminator 2: Judgment Day locked up in a mental institution, shouting mad warnings to anyone who will listen.
God’s secret wisdom is even weighter than Sarah Connor’s. It’s a wonder that more Christians don’t go crazy. The Gospel is the massage that a real Judgment Day is coming and no on will escape from God’s wrath unless they find forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice before it is too late.

Sarah Connor pours out her life to save a compacent, unbelieving world from the Judgment Day which she knows is coming. As such, you should find her a great provocation. Does the way in which you love your life reflect the knowledge which you have about the future, or as you just as fatally complacent for the soulds of teh unbelievers all around as they are?

Phil Moore

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