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Biblical community

A solitary faith is not a Christian faith.

Our North American culture places high value on independence and individualism, so it can be difficult for us to understand the necessity of community. Why can’t it just be me and we think, toting our Bibles off in some lone—ranger mission to save the world.

The problem is, you can’t choose Jesus and not choose the church. They are a package deal. And by church we don’t mean a group of people you sing songs and listen to a sermon with once a week. That is certainly one of the valid expressions of church and one we should be consistently involved in, but going to a service once a week is not walking in biblical community. Biblical community is the group of believers with whom we walk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of life while digging deeper into the gospel.

R.T. Kendall

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From the book "Once Saved, Always Saved"

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