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Counterfeit love, joy and peace

I remember one day, and so this is Sydney, Australia 1986-1987, and so it was the height of rave parties in Australia. So, the drug ecstasy was running rampant, and in the university scene, people were doing ecstasy and people going to rave parties. I hadn’t seen my friend for about three days. I was wondering, “What’s going on?”

Then one day I was doing my homework up there at the home building at Sydney Uni, and my friend comes running in, and she goes, “Chris, Chris, I couldn’t wait to see you.” She goes, “You would not believe I’ve just been at this most amazing rave party, and it was the most incredible experience of my life. There was so much love there. There was so much joy. There was so much peace. We didn’t sleep for three days.”

She put her hand in her pocket, pulls out half an ecstasy tablet, and she said, “Chris, it was the most unbelievable experience, and I didn’t want you to miss this experience, and so I saved you half of this ecstasy tablet because I wanted you to step into this experience.”

I remember that moment, tears started streaming down my face and internally in my heart I made a vow, and in my heart it was like I said to the Lord, “She is more passionate about the love, joy, and peace that this synthetic drug can bring to her than I am about my faith that theoretically is supposed to bring love, and joy, and peace, and kindness, and goodness, all of the fruit of the spirit.” I thought, “That is not the fruit of the drug of ecstasy. It’s supposed to be the fruit of the spirit of God,” and that started me.

Christine Caine

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