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The crime novelist, Agatha Christie,

The crime novelist, Agatha Christie, was married to the archaeologist, Sir Max
Malowan, and she used to say that being married to an archaeologist had a certain advantage: because the older she got
the more interested he became in her! To love someone is to seek to get to know them better and better. And, as we get
to know them, we want to please them; we want to do their will: “If you love me, you will obey what I command” (v.
15). There is all the difference in the world (isn’t there?) between obedience motivated by the fear of the consequences
of disobedience, and obedience motivated by love and gratitude. Christian obedience is ‘love-affair’ obedience. It
springs out of knowing what Jesus has done for us and loving Him for it.

Mark Ashton

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