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Alexander Ventner an associate of

Alexander Ventner an associate of John Winner writes:
The tension and mystery of the kingdom is critical to a proper theology and praxis of healing. We cannot dictate or control healing yet we cannot accept or surrender to sickness. We pray with confident authority and expectation of healing for everyone, yet we are humble and honest, trusting God with the results as only God can heal. We do both at the same time. We instinctively try to resolve tension by tending to either/or because and/both is messy. But too much kingdom now leads to arrogance and presumption, demanding healing as if on tap. Too much kingdom then leads to pessimism and fatalism, leaving healing to ‘if it is God’s will.’ We too easily explain lack of healing by kingdom tension when we ought to push through in faith. This tension, embracing both the already and not yet of the kingdom, makes us living paradoxes. It is learning to live and minister in the overlapping of two ages: the power of the kingdom and the redistance of this age. It leads to perservering faith, optimistic realism, dependence on God, discerning the moment, honouring people’s dignity, respecting the unknown and leaving the results with God.

Simon Holley

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