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Jesus’ Kingdom is not about

Jesus’ Kingdom is not about geography The kingdom would , in inaugurated in contrast to their expectations, spiritual in nature, international in membership and gradual in expansion. And the expansion of this kingdom throughout the world would specifically require their exile from the Land. They must turn their backs on Jerusalem and their hopes of ruling there with Jesus in order to fulfil their new role as ambassadors of the Kingdom. (Matt 20:20-28; 2 Corinthians 5:20-21). The Acts of the Apostles suggests that they needed something of a kick start to get going. It is only when the Christians in Jerusalem experience persecution following the death of Stephen and are scattered that they begin to proclaim the Gospel to others (Acts 8:1-4). The church was sent out into the world to make disciples of all nations but never told to return. Instead Jesus promises to be with them wherever they are in the world. (Matt 29:18-20)

Stephen Sizer

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