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Supernatural destiny

There are four things we must do if we are going to grow up into our destiny to walk in the supernatural. First, we need to be convinced that it is our destiny. Otherwise, we will hear the statement that those who believe in Christ will do greater works—like the statement that those who love Him obey His commands—as an impossible standard designed to expose just how far we fall short of being like Christ. Second, we must avoid developing a negative focus by looking at where we are not, who we are not, and what is not going on in our lives. Third, we must guard our hearts against disappointment and unbelief as we contend for breakthrough and experience confusing results. Last, we must feed our hearts and minds on the promises of God and renew our willingness to step out in faith and obedience in our daily lives. A wrong focus, a failure to maintain a posture of faith through feeding on promises, and disappointment are all dealt with in the same way: repentance. In repentance, the harmful pattern is broken and grace is available to start fresh in pursuing your destiny.

Kris Vallotton

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