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Tongues and fasting

RambabuMiracles happen in our ministry. God opens doors and our ministry expands. But this did not happen overnight. I had to get ready. I resigned from my job in 1989. At first I had nothing to do, nowhere to preach. Only two or three places invited me, and I would go there over and over again. I said to God, “When I was working as a lecturer, I would work from Sam to 5pm. Now I have nothing to do with that time, so, instead of wasting my time, I will pray in your presence during those hours.” Every day I used to pray in tongues from 5am to 5pm. I had a desire to fast and pray. My mother would not allow me to fast every day; she would come and look at my plate to see whether I had eaten or not. I had an idea. Every day I invited a friend to lunch, and gave him mine, so my mother saw the empty plate and was happy. But I was fasting. The anointing on me today stems from that preparation in all the yesterdays when I fasted and prayed. And you too need to get ready, in case you miss the chance to do God’s will.


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