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Word and Spirit

Being thoroughly grounded in the Word of God while being led by the Holy Spirit…
It is like learning to operate a sailboat. There are times when you put up the sail to catch the wind so it can drive you along from one point to the next. (The wind represents the moving of the Holy Spirit who guides us and provides us with power for the journey) At other times we need to enter the harbour, drop the anchor and be at rest. (The anchor symbolises the Word of God. We need to take time to study and meditate on God’s Word to renew our minds and refuel our spirits) But even when we put up the sail and leave the harbour, we carry teh anchor – the Word of God – at all times. It is our grounding, our sure foundation. Even as the Holy Spirit leads us on a faith adventure that carries us outside our safety zone, the anchor of God’s Word keeps our feet firmly planted on the Rock that is Jesus Christ Himself.

James Goll

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From the book "Dream Language"

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