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After Pearl Harbour the US armed forces drafted 10 million men into service to fight in WW2.
10million not asked if they wanted to fight but told- this is your duty- this is your act of service. This is what we’re doing. To fight an essential battle. Brothers and sisters I believe each one of us has been conscripted into, drafted into an urgent and essential task. Not to kill but to save. To take over the darkness with light. To rescue many souls into God’s kingdom. A battle where we already know Jesus is the victor!

To remember the urgency and seriousness of this. We’re literally talking eternal life and eternal death. We’ve got 1000s on our doorsteps who don’t know that there is hope beyond the grave. People who are giving themselves to every other thing they can lay their hands on in the desperate hope that can find peace and joy and fulfilment- unaware until we tell them- that Jesus made them to find their satisfaction in him.
John Stott put it this way “that we (the people of God) have no liberty to stop until both ends of the earth are reached”

Tim Gannon

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