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Prayer suggestions for families

Suggestions for families

In the car: pray before you start the iourney to ask for God’s help and protection. Rather than eye-spy say thank you prayers. When you see an emergency vehicle pray for the responders and any people in need of help and rescue.

Bedtime Bible reading: vary which Bible you read, even Bible online. Work through the Bible. Let children choose a story or tell it in their own words. Link Bible stories and ask what other stories one might remind us of.

Short Prayers: “thank you” “sorry” “please”

Listening to God: ask him to speak in words and pictures. Prayer for dreams. Get the children to think of a friend at school to focus prayer upon. Pray for children to be a light and witness at school/preschool.

Through the day: when there are behavioural problems, ask God’s Spirit to fill us and help us behave likeJesus. When you learn of someone who is sick, pray for healing. When on a walk or holiday somewhere new and beautiful take turns to give thanks for God’s creation. Maybe when walking or driving through more deprived areas ask God for eyes to see and pray. Reflect on Bible  stories in everyday life/encourage Bible recall in different situations, for
example talk aboutJesus and the fishermen when at the beach, or the feeding of the 5000 when you have fish and chips!

Meal times: give thanks for the food. Talk about day and where you have seen God at work. .

Charlie Cleverly

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