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The Philosophy Of living with an underlying motive of doing
everything for own personal peace and comfort rapidly colors
everything that might formerly have come under the headings of
“right” and “wrong.” This new way of thinking adds entirely new
shades, often in blurring brushstrokes of paint that wipe out the
existence of standards or cast them into a shadow that pushes
them out of sight. If one’s peace, comfort, way of life, convenience,
reputation, opportunities, job, happiness, or even ease is threat— fl
ened, “Just abort it.” Abort what? Abort another life that is not yet
born. Yes, but also abort the afflictions connected with having a
handicapped child, and abort the burdens connected with caring
for the old or invalid. Added swiftly are the now supposedly Thinkable attitudes of aborting a child’s early security in his or her rights to have two parents and a family life; aborting a wife’s need for having her husband be someone to trust and lean upon; aborting the husbands need for having a companion and friend as well as a feminine mate; aborting any responsibility to carry through a job started.

Edith Schaeffer

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