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Three types of prayer

Crisis prayer is the most popular of the three. Such prayers are urgent, earthly, and temporal. The help-me-pass-this-test, please-heal-my-neighbour, fix-my-marriage kind of prayers that we all pray.

Then there are calling prayers. The prayers of Paul were dominated by calling, especially in Colossians 4. Paul had received a word from God—a very clear direction and purpose—and it trumped every circumstance. Paul was in prison, but he prayed for boldness instead of rescue or escape. His calling was greater than his crisis. When he prayed for others, he prayed for their character in spite of present circumstances.

Then there are Kingdom prayers. Don doesn’t believe that we create these prayers, but that “Kingdom prayers come from the King. They are prayers like Jesus’ “Send workers out to the harvest field”. Kingdom oprayers are bigger than one person they, denomination, time or history

Jared Brock - American author

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From the book "A Year Of Living Prayerfully"

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