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All those little moments of boredom were potential portals to prayer. Little moments throughout our days to wake up to the reality of God all around us. To wake up to our own souls. To draw our minds’ attention (and, with it, devotion) back to God; to come off the hurry drug and come home to awareness. Now all those little moments are gone, swallowed up by the digital carnivore. The second we feel even a hint of boredom coming on, we reach for the appendages that are our smartphones: check our news feeds, answer an email (Reply All, click), read a tweet about Donald Trump’s tweet about who-knows-what before we tweet about who-knows-what, look up the weather for Thursday, search for a new pair of shoes, and, naturally, slay at Candy Crush.

John Mark Comer - American Pastor (1980 - )

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From the book "The ruthless elimination of hurry"

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