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The danger of disappointment

The danger of disappointment is that it can lead us into questioning God’s character and our identity in him, which attacks our godly expectations. Disappointment does not cancel our assignment or God’s presence, but it does build a wall that blocks our view of the horizon, creating a barrier between us and God. As the brick wall goes up it attacks our courage to step out. Satan uses disappointment to lie and rob us of our future andwe empower him by agreeing with his deception. It calls into question our identity buying into various lies around “I must have done something wrong.” Faith is about belief and expectation but if we allow disappointment to accumulate this significantly reduces our expectation of God’s love, goodness and power. We need to stay in the place of God’s grace and love and learn how to effectively process our disappointment with him

Karen Kircher

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From the book "Called to Influence"

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