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Season of life no barrier to growth in Christ

There is more good news in that our season of life is not a barrier to spiritual growth.

A mother in our small group suggested that it was easier for her to “work on her spiritual life” before she became a mom. As we talked, it became clear what she meant.To her, reading the Bible and praying were the only two activities that counted spiritually.
As a mother she felt that “time alone” was an oxymoron.

In this the church had failed her. She had never been taught to see that caring for two young children, offered daily with expressions of gratitude and prayers for help and patient acceptance of trials, might become a kind of school for transformation into powerful servanthood beyond anything she had ever known. Somehow having a “quiet time” counted toward spiritual devotion and caring for two children did not.
It took creative effort for this mother to carve out solitude and stillness, and even then she could not free up the amount of time she had in college. But as a mother she
opportunities for growth she did not have back then.
Our season in life – whatever it is – is no barrier to having Christ formed in us. Not in the least.

John Ortberg - American Pastor (1957 - )

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From the book "The life you've always wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People"

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