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Sitting on the bench

Down the hill from Wigglesworth’s home was the beautiful Manningham Park, a public park with lovely flower gardens. I cannot pass by that place today without remembering Wigglesworth and the people he blessed there. When he was home, it was usual for him to go to the park and sit for a while. Often someone else would sit down on the same bench. Without speaking, Wigglesworth imparted something to whoever was sitting there. If the person was unsaved, as was often the case, Wigglesworth would pray silently for him to come under conviction and get saved. Whatever the need might be, Wigglesworth could perceive it. He had no need to question any one; people were drawn to him by the Spirit. Before long, almost without realizing it, a person would be pouring out his heart to Smith. Everyone went away blessed. Wigglesworth always said, “If you don’t minister life, you will minister death and leave folks worse off than when you found them.”

Albert Hibbert

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From the book "Smith Wigglesworth the secret of his power"

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