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Don’t give up meeting

In a recent article called Social distancing prevents infections, but it can have unintended consequences, author Greg Miller writes:

One hundred years ago, French sociologist Émile Durkheim used the phrase “collective effervescence” to describe the shared emotional excitement people experience during religious ceremonies. The same concept applies to sporting events where spectators simultaneously experience the rise and fall of emotions during the course of a game, says Mario Small, a sociologist at Harvard University. ‘It dramatically magnifies the sensation for you while also reinforcing the idea that you’re something larger than yourself.’

The believer in Jesus Christ, is part of something larger—much larger. We are part of an everlasting kingdom that spans all generations, over all time, for all people. We need to see it, feel it, and experience it in real life. Our kids need this experience, too—maybe even more than we do.

Donna Jones

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