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The Bible bleeds

Graham Scroggie, a British commentator said, cut the Bible anywhere and it bleeds. He’s right. You could cut the Bible in Genesis 22, Abraham sacrificing his son. It’ll bleed right there. Because it anticipates God sending his son on that same mountain. If you cut the Bible in Psalm 22, which is a poetic description of the crucifixion, it bleeds. If you cut the Bible in Exodus 12, speaking of the Passover, it bleeds. If you cut it in Leviticus 5, the sin offering, it bleeds. Cut it in Isaiah chapter 53, it bleeds.

It’s all about the sacrifice, all about the cross, so much so that even when John the apostle gets a vision of heaven and looks at the lion of the tribe of Judah, he said, and I looked and behold a lamb as though it had been– what, tell me? Slain. In heaven, you could see marks on this lamb as though it had been killed. Have you ever thought of this? The only work of man you’ll see in heaven are the marks of crucifixion on the body of Jesus Christ.

Skip Heizig

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